Hello; My First Blog Post

As the new school year quickly approaches and more responsibilities are piling up I thought to myself – well, what a perfect time to open a new blog and revive my YouTube channel. Right?! To be completely honest, I don’t even know what the purpose or theme of this blog is at all – write reviews, share opinions, post writing prompts, post hauls, rave about some new kpop songs, or maybe gush about the season’s anime. But I feel as if with these kinds of things – YouTube channels and blogs, I always feel restricted with the type of content I can post. Maybe it’s because people like to have organization and go to a channel/blog for one thing and one thing only but there are so many things I love and opening a thousand channels might just be a bit severe. So I might as well take the plunge and do what makes me happy, no?

I don’t know if anyone’ll ever read this blog, or if I will even update it that often but having a platform where I can share my opinions in writing, or in pixels, is good enough for me.

My internship is coming to an end, my third year of university is getting closer every day (21 credits here I come, but more on that on some other day), and I feel like life is just running past me at some ridiculous speed, so I’m here to record some of it.